Benefits Of Power Bag Training

The Dangerously Fit Power Bag has tons of exercises for any workout, with the ability to change up your routine and make it more intense.

The Power Bag is a great way to work on your core and build up that torso of yours. The weighted bags are color coded so you can easily tell what intensity level they will be at, making it easy for varying the workouts from light workout sessions with no resistance all-the way up until intense ones where breathing becomes difficult!


With handles made out durable webbing material with padding added in around them so even if things get sweaty hands won’t lose grip during use – this bag has everything needed when building strength without sacrificing comfort thanks also having straps allowing users who don’t want unnecessary bulk around their chest area still benefit from doing exercises using power Bags like overhead presses or squats.

The Power Bag can be used anywhere to mimic all types of functional movement, specifically strength training. It was designed for people who are unable or unwilling to use weights like barbells because it’s more discreet in some settings – but don’t worry! You still get the same results as if you were using a traditional weight set with this tool.

The Power Bag is a great substitute for medicine balls, kettlebells or barbells. It can be used anywhere to mimic all types of functional movement in your training specifically focusing on strength, power and core stability while also providing rotational exercises at home without needing any equipment!

With the bag filled to the brim, you have to balance it as if on tip-toes or else risk losing your grip. The sand will constantly shift throughout this time and throw off any sense of stability – which is why these exercises are tough!

The Dangerously Fit Power Bag is the perfect way to add an additional layer of resistance when you’re working out. Pack it with sand, fill it up and give your workout that extra push!